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Hi S4, I discovered your product from Ada West dermatology. The reasons you wanted a new sunscreen on the market are my reasons too! FINALLY the sunscreen reef problem, the sticky problem, the weird feel of lotion is all gone and at a cost I can still afford!!! I’d like to buy more for my friends. Let’s get the word out even more!! I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to our skin!
Kathi, a customer for life.
I'm on the ocean everyday diving, surfing, paddling, spearfishing and there's not a better sunscreen on the market than S4! Water resistance, reef safe, no chemicals, no burning eyes, it is the best daily use sunscreen I've ever slapped on my skin...it's so good I wanna eat it! I've been a user for 10 years...Just try it!
I never use sun block. I LOVE this Sun Block and won’t go out without it. It only takes a tiny bit, it goes on thick and just soaks in quick, not greasy at all.
What a FANTASIC product. I'm extremely pleased with Sport 4 and highly recommend it for all of your outdoor activities.
Best aloe ever! Super hydrating, not sticky at all, works quickly and naturally. Try it!! Thanks for a quality product at a great cost:)
Spent 4 hours jet skiing on Payette lake in McCall. Sunny and hot. No shade and high elevation of 5000 feet where sun is much more intense. Plus water reflection. No burn at all.
What I love about S4 is it doesn't feel sticky like the others. Lasts all day, even in water. And best thing about it is no harsh chemicals baking into your skin.
I go horseback riding all the time and my neck and arms always burn. Since using S$ they never burn. This is high quality Sunscreen. I also Kayak, I rub this product everywhere and no burn, it is fantastic. I have told all my friends about this and they purchase S4 and they love it. I love it. You have to be very careful about burns with melanoma on the rise. Wish this product was available when I was young. Excellent.

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