Marketing Resources

Below we have included product ads, our brochure, our manifesto, and logos in several formats. Please call if you have advertising ideas and requirements not included here.

S4 Logos

Download any of the following S4 logos by selecting them and saving to your system:

Color S4 horizontal logo – 1000 x 354 pixels

Black Logo for black and white copies

White Logo to reverse  out of a color or photo

Color S4 logo – Square/Stacked configuration

Cool It logo – 538 x 215 pixels

Quench’d logo – 634 x 155 pixels

S4 Full page Ads

S4 has developed the following full page ads. Download the lower resolution versions here. Please contact us for information on the print-ready files.

Download the (Low Res)  PDF here:  Gnarly has a New Look

Download the (Low Res)  PDF here: Every Workout Gets a Standing Ovation

Download the (Low Res)  PDF here: Go Pure or Go Home

Download the (Low Res)  PDF here:  Inner Mettle

Download the (Low Res)  PDF here: Dirt is Fun

Our Manifesto

Download our manifesto as a PDF.

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