S4 Sport = World Class Sunscreen Protection

S4 Sport’s world-class protection is credited to two factors: 1) its PURE PHYSICAL nature,  and, 2) its PHOTOSTABILITY

PURE PHYSICAL means that the only active ingredients used in S4 Sport are Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, or a combination of both. These are natural minerals, hence the “PURE” for natural and “PHYSICAL” for minerals.

S4 sunscreens are Photostable. S4 does not use chemical UV filters. S4 only uses Zinc and Titanium as active ingredients. They are natural sunscreens from the earth that do NOT breakdown in the presence of UV radiation.

No chemical UV filters or absorbers. Ever.

S4 Sport Suncare Products are reef safe, high-performance suncare products developed with Zinc and/or Titanium Dioxide (Pure Physical or Mineral Actives). Our lightweight, quick-absorbing formulas nourish the skin, while minerals cling to the surface to provide natural protection that won’t break down with UV (Sun) exposure. 

FDA approved to last 80 minutes with constant water exposure, S4 Sport is field tested by extreme athletes.

Q. What is Photostability?

To protect the skin, chemical sunscreens use UV filters that absorb radiation from the sun.  When a sunscreen is exposed to this radiation, it can alter the chemical structure of the UV filters, thus degrading its ability to maintain itself and forfeiting skin protection. A “photostable” sunscreen maintains its ability to protect from the sun’s harmful rays even in the presence of UV radiation.

Q. What does PURE PHYSICAL mean?

S4 uses only Pure Physical actives. This means the active ingredients are only Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide (which are MINERALS) or a combination of both. S4 does not use Chemical UV filters or absorbers. S4 formulates with only the best ingredients for your protection.

Q. What is a Free Radical?

An unstable (uneven number of electrons) looking to stabilize itself by stealing an electron from a healthy (evenly paired electron) cell. Once an electron is stolen, cellular death occurs. This happens a gazillion times a day. Free radicals come from our environment (sun, pollution, smoke) and are thought to contribute to cancer, aging and other diseases.

Q. What is an Antioxidant?

They are the Kryptonite to Free Radicals. They are molecules that can safely interact with Free Radicals and terminate the chain reaction before cellular damage occurs. (Antioxidants, have extra stable electron to donate to a Free Radical in order to stabilize it and stop further damage from occurring). We get Antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods we eat. We also get them from some skin care and nutritional supplements.  All S4 products include Antioxidants in their formulas to give an added level of protection.

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