Fun in the Sun

The Sun can Burn All Year Round

When you are outdoors in the summer, it is obvious when you are getting too much sun, but many people don’t think about sunscreen during the winter. When the sun feels “farther away” and everything is colder. Only one of the two UV perpetrators, UVB, is actually reduced by clouds. And while those UVB rays are the culprit behind sunburn, the other type of UV rays (UVA) are very much present year-round—and it’s imperative to avoid them.


No sunscreen can block 100% of UV rays, but some get you closer. Be sure to choose the SPF that fits your skin type and lifestyle.

S4 is a physical sunscreen—with active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that physically block the damaging rays

Water resistant sunscreen is designed to stay on your skin underwater, in high humidity, and sweating on your cross country ski racet. Tested by athletes in extreme conditions, S4 Sport can last for 80 minutes with constant water exposure (the maximum FDA allowed).

Don’t Burn

S4 Suncare works immediately upon application and to play it safe you should reapply at least every 2 hours

Soaking up a few rays everyday keeps your vitamin D where it’s supposed to be: healthy. So get out there.

S4 Sport sunscreen lasts longer, goes further, and plays harder than your average sunscreen BECAUSE it’s Pure Physical.

Pure Physical means the active ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide: minerals that sit ON TOP of the skin to deflect harmful UV before it can penetrate the epidermis. S4 uses NO chemical UV filters or absorbers.

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